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Welcome to my fab site, completely dedicated to tigger!!!

In this site you will be able to find everything that there is to know about tigger, there will be pictures of him,, you can sign my guestbook, there will be jokes and there will also be information on his own movie "the tigger movie" if you have not already seen it. If you have though, you will be able to look back on it and remember the funny things, this will make you smile i am sure.


Well, it is official that i am the biggest fan of tigger in the world ever. Well maybe not, but i like to think so!!!
If you think that you are a bigger fan than me you could try to challenge me, if you are not afraid of any embarassment!!!

I have been a fan of tigger for as long as i can remember, and my favourite piece of tigger merchandise is my bouncing tigger!!! My character is most like tigger, i found this out in the poohsonality test, you should try it it is great fun!!! What makes me a great tigger fan is that i know everything about tigger, there is nothing that i do not know.
Still think you can take me on???? or you could just sit back and enjoy this site.
Remember tigger is the best character from one hundred acre wood, there others are not a patch on him.


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