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"That's T-IDouble Guh-errrr"


Remember Bouncing is what tiggers do best!!!!!

Well i suppose the best place to start is at the beginning, when we first heard about tigger, a lot of people presume that tigger was around right from the beginning of the pooh books, as we are so use to seeing his cheeky little face, but he doesn't appear in the A.A Milne books until chapter two, of 'The house at pooh corner' in his first appearance he comes bouncing into the one hundred acre wood. He later on becomes well known for his bouncing!!!!

Tigger also has many likes and dislikes, you can find out more about these on the story page.

Well he doesn't like honey, so Pooh is alright there!!!!!
Or haycorn or thistles!!!

One thing he does like, other than bouncing is extract-of-malt and this is all that he ever eats!!!!

Tigger lives in the hundred acre wood,along with the other characters,(pooh, eeyore, owl, roo, kanga, christopher robin, rabbit).

Most of all people like tigger the most out of all the characters from one hundred acre wood as he has such a great personality and if you are to look at all the other characters, lets face it they are so God damn boring!!!!!!

At a Glance

Description:If you dont't know already, Tigger is a very bouncy character. Heis 23 inches tall and also looks like a tiger, or you could simply just look at the picture!!!!!
Address:He lives with Kanga and Roo at 100 Acre wood North.
Food he hates:Honey, haycorn and thistles.
Food he likes: extract of malt, this is the only thing he seems to eat.
Things he loves to do:Bouncing and singing
Why people dislike him:Not many reasons, but the main reason is as he bounces on people, but we would have to find it very hard to dislike Tigger he is just so GR8!!!!
Talent: bouncing of course
Quotes:"That's re-dikorus"
"Hello, i'm Tigger. Hoo hoo hoo hewoooo."
"T-T-F-N, Ta Ta For Now"

Below is where Tigger lives!!!!