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Story no. one
All about tigger

What Tiggers can do

"Can they fly?" asked Roo.
"Yes," said Tigger. "They're very good flyers, Tiggers are,
stornry good flyers."
"Oo!" said Roo. "Can they fly as well as Owl?"
"Yes," said Tigger. "Only they don't want to."
"Why don't they want to?"
"Well, they just don't like it somehow."
Roo Couldn't understand this, because he thought it would be lovely to be able to fly, but Tigger said it was difficult to explain to anybody who wasn't a Tigger himself.

What Tiggers like

"Don't you know what Tiggers like?" asked Pooh.
"I expect if i though very hard i should," said Christopher Robin, "But i thought Tigger knew."

"I do," said Tigger. "Everything there is in the world except honey and haycorns and - what were those hot things called?"


"Yes and those"

Tigger inside and out

It was a wonderful morning to be a Tigger! The rain had stopped, and lots of nice, big puddles were
just waiting to be splashed in all over the Hundred-Acre Wood. Tigger bounced and splashed in
every one, covering himself in mud from head to toe. Suddenly Pooh, Rabbit, and Piglet jumped out
from behind some bushes.

"A clean Tigger is a happy Tigger," said Rabbit as they popped Tigger in a tub of sudsy water.
"And a happy Tigger is a clean Tigger," added Pooh as he grabbed a scrub brush and some soap
and went to work.
"He doesn't look very happy to me," said Piglet.

When his bath was over, and Tigger stepped out of the tub, his friends just
stared. "Who are you?" asked Piglet.
"I'm Tigger!" said Tigger. "Who else would I be?"
"But you can't be Tigger. He has stripes," said Pooh. Tigger looked down at
himself. His stripes were gone!
"He has two ears and a tail like I do," said Rabbit. "Maybe he's a rabbit."
"Hey, yeah!" said Tigger. "And I can jump, too. I must be a rabbit." And
so Tigger and Rabbit went off to do some gardening.

Tigger was a terrible gardener. Instead of protecting Rabbit's Garden from
bugs, he let the bugs get fat and happy eating all of Rabbit's tomatoes. "You're not a rabbit!" yelled
Rabbit, chasing Tigger into the woods. "And you never will be!"
"If I'm not a rabbit, what am I?" wondered Tigger. Then he saw Pooh and got an idea. "Hey, Buddy
Bear, wait up!" he called to his friend. "I think I'm a bear!"

"Well, it's time for us bears to have some lunch," said Pooh, as he led Tigger to a beehive. "Go
ahead!" Pooh said. "I'm right behind you!" But instead of using the ladder, Tigger bounced up on his
tail, accidentally knocking the beehive to the ground. Pooh watched a swarm of angry bees chase his
friend away. "Oh, bother," said Pooh. "He's definitely not a bear."

Pooh followed Tigger and found him moping under a tree, "Cheer up," said Pooh, "maybe you're a
Piglet." So Tigger and Pooh went to Piglet's house to find out. Tigger tried to put on one of Piglet's
shirts, but it was much too small for him.
"I guess I'm not a Piglet, either." said Tigger sadly.

Tigger seemed so unhappy that Pooh and Piglet decided there was only one way to help. They
would paint Tigger's stripes back on so he could be a Tigger again. When they were finished, Tigger
felt like his old self. "I'm a Tigger!" he shouted as he bounced out the door. "I'm a Tigger!"

Just then thunder echoed through the Hundred-Acre Wood. Within minutes, a spring shower
washed away Tigger's wonderful new stripes. "I'm not a Tigger! I'm not a Tigger!" moaned Tigger,
feeling more miserable than ever.

Just then Eeyore walked by. "Hello, Tigger," he said. "Hey, you just called me Tigger!" said Tigger.
"Well, why not? You are Tigger, aren't you?" Eeyore asked.
"No," answered Tigger. "I don't have any stripes."
"Aw, that's all right," Eeyore said. "It's what's inside you that makes you a Tigger, not what's outside.
You'll always be Tigger to me."

"Hoo, hoo, hoo! I'm a Tigger, after all!" shouted Tigger, bouncing and bouncing on the end of his tail.
Suddenly, he heard a loud POP! -- and a stripe appeared! He bounced some more -- POP! POP!
POP! -- and with every bounce, a new stripe appeared. Soon he had every last stripe that had
washed off in the tub!

Tigger bounced off into the sunset, happy as a Tigger with stripes should be. As he bounced, he sang
this little song:

I'm a Tigger without a doubt
A real live Tigger, inside and out!


Tigger is ......

A friendly Tigger
A GRAND Tigger
A large and helpful Tigger
A bouncy Tigger!

Yes, Tiggers are bouncy - very, very
bouncy (according to Rabbit) and they
like everything ....... except for honey that is (to the relief of Pooh). Oh, and haycorns (which pleases Piglet). And perhaps they don't really like thistles either (although Eeyore does).

What shall we do about poor little Tigger?
If he never eats nothing he'll
never get bigger
He doesn't like honey and haycorn and thistles
Because of the taste and because of the bristles

And all the good things which an animal likes
Have the wrong sort of swallow or too many spikes
But whatever his weight in pounds, shillings and ounces
He always seems bigger because
of his bounces

But what Tiggers REALLY like is
Extract-of-Malt. In fact, Tiggers like
Extract-of-Malt so much that they have it for breakfast, lunch and tea - and
anytime in between. Sometimes even
Roo has a spoonful to strengthen him.

Tigger lives with Kanga and Roo in the
Hundred Acre Wood,
not far from Pooh and Piglet - who's just a little afraid of Tigger's
bounces due to the fact that he's so
small. In fact, Piglet often says that
'Tiggers have a way of saying
'how-do-you-do' which always leaves
your ears full of sand ....' But perhaps
that's just because he (Piglet, that is) is so small - which he can't help

Eeyore, Owl and Rabbit (and all his
friends and relations) also live in the
Hundred Acre Wood together, of course,
with Christopher Robin without whom
there wouldn't be any stories to read.
Rabbit is always trying to 'unbounce'
Tigger but so far he hasn't succeeded!